Saturday, 20 February 2010

Make your own necklace board!

Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one,but how hard is it storing necklaces?!
I used to drape them over my dressing table mirror, it looked realy glam but it was impossible to keep them untangled and to properly see them.
So i came up with a realy cute way to store your necklaces, you can display themm, its super easy and cheap to do and you can customize it!

You will need ..
A pinboard
Poster paint/Wall paint/Spray paint/Pictures - Something to decorate the board with

How to do it..

Lay your clean board on newspaper and basically just start decorating it, have fun!

I used a pastel pink wall emulsion paint, to match my room.
You will probably have to use two coats of paint, as the cork absorbs the paint.
Leave it to dry overnight, and then stick in pins/nails and hang your necklaces.
You will then need to hammer a nail into your wall so you can hang it up!

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I have inspired you to make your own!
Comment me or do a post showing me your own!