Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Festive Favourites - DIY Scented Decorations

Hello Dolls

So one of my fave things about the holiday season is the lovely Christmassy scent of Oranges and spices!
Making these orange decorations has been a family tradition, such a fun way to spend a cold afternoon & so much cheaper than buying Christmas scented decorations

You will need -

Large oranges


Sparkly ribbon

These are so simple to make -

1 . Section the orange with the ribbon and secure with pins & tie a bow at the top so you can hang them

2. Simply push cloves into the orange in a pattern

Hang your decorations from your tree or dot them around for a seasonal scented room!

Don't fear - The cloves are antiseptic and stop the orange from going mouldy

Darling Tip - These make lovely presents for neighbours and they keep for such a long time, we still have some from Christmas's over a year ago!

What do you girls think?
Give it a go!
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Thursday, 2 December 2010

November Favourites

Hello Dolls!

I simply cannot believe we are in December already!
It literally feels like last week that we were in summer, and complaining about how hot we were and loving our tans, and now we are all knee deep in snow!

Anyway, here is what I have been loving throughout November!

Dark & Lovely deep repair body lotion
This was a cheap item from savers (Under £3), not the most moisturising product I have used, but the smell is amazing! A more chocolatey scent than Palmer's, and because it was so cheap I slather myself in tons of this!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - Luscious Long
I am sure everyone has tried/loved the 3 Minute Miracle treatments, I simply cannot be without these! This is definitely the best hair treatment I have ever got my paws on, and my hair has been feeling the abuse of the cold winds and drying heating recently! I use this two times a week for maximum benefit!

Sleek Pigment - InfernoThis is the most beautiful orange/copper/cranberry pigment and it doesn't have any chunky glitter in it, it is lovely and fine and looks even more intense if you apply it wet! Just a quick sweep of this under my lower lash line with a pencil brush, and it instantly brightens up my eyes, this is such a gorgeous party colour for us brown eyed girls!

Vera Wang Princess
Another product I think everyone owns and loves; This is a scent I love wear throughout the whole year. It's such a sweet, girly scent to being with, and by the afternoon the musky amber notes come through, making it the perfect evening scent! On a side note, isn't bottle is absolutely fabulous?!

Gosh Velvet touch primer
This is such an amazing product, it is a soft gel like consistency and blends out completely, it makes such a difference to apply foundation, it simply glides on and keeps my makeup looking freshly applied all day! Definitely a must have product for the party season!

This is hands down the best lip balm I have ever come across, I always have this on me! I love the scent, the tingly feeling, the packaging, everything! It makes my lips feel juicy, plump and moisturised. I can battle any weather with this by my side,You need a tube of this in your life!

My IPhone
As you girlys know, I was lucky enough to be given an IPhone 4 for my birthday in October, and since then it has been in my hand constantly! I am addicted!
I Love how I can update twitter, check up on every ones blog and I always have a camera with this!
I bought myself a sparkly black case to protect it, (I am ashamed I have dropped it a few times), but I am literally in love with my phone. Team IPhone!

Yankee Candle - Mulled wine
You girls know I love my candles, and this is the most christmassy/festive scent! I love lighting candles when I'm having a soak in a nice warm bath, candles are so essential for the perfect pampering session!

So those are the things that have been getting me through november
And I couldnt start December wihtout one of these now could I?!

What have you been loving in November, any of my favourites?
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