Thursday, 29 July 2010

99p Brush cleanser & Storage!

Hey Dolls!

Todays post is about brush cleansing & storage!

So I have never used an expensive brush cleaner, I don't own any lovely Mac or Bobbi brown brushes
So I don't see any need for me to shell out on an expensive cleanser

Here are my dirty brushes -

I have a variety of brushes from Cosmopolitan & Ruby and Millie to cheap 17 ones and they do me just fine!

A girl simply still needs clean brushes, even if they aren't deluxe ones

I suggest Tesco Coconut shampoo!- 99p for 750ml

I've often read about people using baby shampoo and I've tried that myself also, but you know I love coconut!

This shampoo has added moisturisers, smells gorgeous and the massive bottle will last you for ages!
It will leave your brushes lovely and soft & smelling delish!

I totally recommend using a cheap moisturising shampoo if you are looking for a brush cleanser!

Just in case your interested?
I wash my brushes twice weekly & my foundation brush three times a week
This really is a must, they work so much better & you definitely have less chance of breaking out

After washing, I just mould the bristles into their original shape and lay them out on a towel to dry!

On another note

I thought I would share with you something new I picked up the other day and it is a great way to store brushes

Pink heart pencil holder - This is only 99p from Tescos!
Its meant to be a stationary holder and would look so cute on a desk, but It's so pretty and is a fab brush holder!

And how satisfying when your brushes are all clean and fluffy and sitting in a cute holder!

Hope you girlies enjoyed this post
Do you have any good brush recommendations or brush cleansers?
Leave me a comment!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Lipstick of the Day - Pink blush

Hello my lovelies!

So as an alternative to the usual FOTD
I thought I would start doing short and sweet posts featuring the lipstick I am wearing of the day!

Pink blush - Rimmel

Apolagies for the very posy pictures haha

Pink blush - Rimmel

This is such a gorgeous colour
A bright bubblegum pink - Somewhere along the lines of MAC's Saint Germain & Viva Glam Gaga

It has a lovely creamy sheer texture so is a sheer step into the big bold world of bright lipsticks!

What do my girlie's think?
Has anyone tried pink blush?
Leave me a comment!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chanel Chance - Zara Dupe

Hello Dollies!

As a fellow beauty blogger, I feel it is my most important duty to inform you of cheap dupes!

We all love a cheap alternative, especially if it is a Chanel alternative

Chance by Chanel is my all time favourite perfume, but at £60 a pop I use it sparingly and it doesn't get much love!

When I was having a little browse in Zara I came across this beauty
Zara Collection

I am not exaggerating at all, it smells exactly the same and lasts a really long time! And it is only around £13!

It's such a distinctive scent and it is perfect for nightime, I definitely recommend this!
I carry this around with me at all times and smell of Chanel as often as I please!

Hope this helps anyone who loves the scent of Chance!

Does anyone else know of any amazing dupes they'd like to share?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cult Item - Eye makeup remover

Hello Dollies!

I am thinking I am going to start a regular series of posts on my blog
Featuring my most loved,iconic products and cult items

These are the products I will always buy again and again and that I think everyone should know about!
Sound good?

So let me start with .... The best eye makeup remover you will ever get your paws on!

Botanics - Soothing Eye makeup remover

This is amazing!

It never ever irritates my sensitive eyes, and is hands down the best and quickest at removing waterproof mascara
So easy and you literally just wipe your eyes a few times with this on cotton wool, no more excuses for not taking eye makeup off!
It contains Icelandic moss to hydrate and calm skin
It is only £2.99 and will last you two months at least!

I think what makes it amazing, is the oil in the product, it is what makes this remover so silky and allows removal of eye makeup with no rubbing!
As you can see it is a separate layer, and once shaken up it blends with the other liquids
Fear not , it does not leave eye lids extremely greasy and I often use it to clear up mistakes as I am doing my makeup

I have nothing bad to say about this at all
Get it now!

What do you girlie's think?
Good idea for a series of posts?
Has anyone tried this, I hope you are all on the positive bandwagon with me!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

June favourites

Hey Dolls!

Crikey, is it July already ?
I cannot believe we are officially in full blown summer, the past months favourites have been lacking in makeup and have an increased summery tropical feel haha

Body shop Papaya body butter
Ahh this smells delicious, such a strong tropical juicy scent! This is so moisturising as well, perfect for slathering on over scorched skin or as an alternative to perfume if your wanting a sweet delicious aroma

Trident soft Tropical sugar free gum
Ah I am addicted to this! It is way more interesting than regular mint, yawn
It is pretty strong, and people always comment on the fruity aroma in the room when I am chewing this haha
This is a really good alternative to sweets or other snacks as it has no calories but a really sugary flavour!

Burt's bees Beeswax lip balm
This is definitely a cult beauty item
Lovely menthol tingle and very moisturising, enough said really!

Hawaiian tropics moisturising lipgloss - Mango & Papaya

This is so perfect for summer! It has an SPF of 25, and is completely non sticky!
It is super shiny and just gives the lips a lovely juicy plumpness and it is moisturising as well, ideal if your lips get especially dry in the sun and you don't want to sacrifice your gloss!
Words cannot describe how delicious this is either
Are you noticing a tropical fruit shaped pattern in this favourites yet

Heat magazine

Basically any gossip magazine, I have been lounging around outside allot and heat has been a lovely mind numbing read
I have noticed Heat has had allot more beauty and fashion in it recently, hooray!
And allot of features about Big Brother, yes I am addicted

So that was a very orange themed June favourites

Tell me what you have been loving this month, or if you have tried any of these products!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Shabby chic storage

Hello lovelies!

So I know allot of girls on the blogging community love everything shabby chic
As do I, my whole room is a shrine to everything kitsch and girly and I am always on the hunt for more

May I introduce you to my new item ....
Cream vintage rose storage shelf - £20 from Matalan!

A bit pricey considering its from Matalan, but it is normally very hard to find shabby chic things and when found they are normally way more expensive!
It is a lovely cream coloured painted metal
And it is really sturdy and has three spacious tiers

I'll do a post and show you what I put on it
Hope this has helped any gals on the look out for cute storage!

What do you girlies think?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Night out & FOTN - The Drums

Hey Dolls!

So here is a few photos of the other night

My friends and I went to see the band - The Drums

The gig was only in Cambridge so there was just a short train ride to get there, we took a picnic of strawberries and white chocolate fingers to have before haha

It was so so fun, I really like their music and it was a lovely night out
I only have one photo of them at the gig, I was being pushed all the time so there was hardly any chance to get a good one!

The climax was when they played their song, Let's go surfingIf you haven't heard it yet I suggest you check it out, it's a perfect summery song

I am very happy with my skin at the moment, no break outs at the moment, hooray, so I layed off the foundation and used Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer and a heavy dusting of Bourjois Chocolate bronzer

The gig was so hot and sweaty, so foundation would of literally slid off my face

I used Benefit's Bad gal eye liner, Love this!
It was completely sweat and dance proof
For lips i used Clinique Super balm Moisturising gloss - Pink grapefruit

So that was my little night out
I shall be doing more posts about days when i do something particularly fun or interesting

Thanks for reading!