Friday, 27 August 2010

On the St Moriz band waggon

Hey dollies!

So I finally decided to join Club St Moriz and get the instant mouse , I have a whole shelf of fake tans - But this has been raved about so highly I just caved in and got it today, only £2.50 from my local savers!

From reviews I've read it sounds amazing, better than St Tropez?
We shall see!

I'll let you know what I think about it, I am going to do a massive tanning session before I go back to school - yawn
So hopefully I will return to school as a caramel goddess haha

What do you guys think about St Moriz?
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Emma said...

it is a really nice natural colour and doesnt smell hideous so thats good, but you have to be quite regimented in your routine of tanning and exfoliating cos it does go really patchy! but yeah if you get into a system then it should be fine :)

Irene ♥ said...

haha caramel goddess :L
i hear its good!i dont usually tan because i am sortof tanned anyway hehe,but everyone raves about the mousse!have you ever tried the spray:)
i tagged you on my blog,sorry if i sound repetitive my comments not showing up on my laptop:(
can't wait till your all lovely and brown!;D

Sarah said...

I haven't really made my mind up on it yet, it leaves a nice colour, but doesn't wear off easily which is a pain :\ I'm using Xen Tan atm which I like xx

Alison said...

I guess it depends on your skin? I really like it but I've found that with me, if I don't go over it every sort of 2-3 days then it just fades reeeeally quickly, which is a bit of a pain!

Darling heart said...

Emma - Oo that's so good, I hate the gross fake tan smell! x

Irene - I saw the spray as well, but I figured mouse would be easier to apply, and I can also mix it with lotion to tone down the tan! Thanks for tagging my girly,I'll get to it soon I promise! x

Sarah - Oo that could be a pain, I'll have to get into a really good routine then, might try Xen tan one day! x

ALison - Ahh fading is so annoying, i guess in winter I will probably only have my arms out so it wont be that much of a pain to reply haha! x

Thanks for your comments girlies!

Dollface said...

I love this stuff!! I would say exfoliating is key and be sure to moisturise moisturise moisturise. I found it can be quite drying.

I use this in conjunction with Dove Summer Glow which has a hint of tan in it which works well in maintaining the tan.

hannah said...

i prefer the spray to the mousse, lasts longer and is a darker colour :) i love the colour, st tropez is slightly orange on me but this is pure brown with a hint of olive. laaavly.

Darling heart said...

Dollface - Oo thanks for the tips girly! I love garnier gradual tan, so hopefully they will work well together! x

Hannah - Ahh thats what drew me to St Moriz, as I hate orange tan! Oo I will deff check out the spray when I get through the mouse! x

Debby said...

The price is right! Hope you are the perfect shade in no time! xo

Sherrie said...

This is fab and for the price its even fabber!!

Im on my 2nd bottle!! But by heck does it stain your hands!! I had to buy a mit from Primark.

Sher x

The Brunette said...

I brought it the other day and I love it too x

Darling heart said...

Ahh glad you girlies love it!

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