Tuesday, 10 August 2010

LOTD - GOSH'S Darling

Hello my lovely girls!

Quick Lipstick of the day post!

The cult item we all love & own..... Darling by Gosh

My friend and I had a sort of mini photo shoot haha, so excuse the very posed pictures!

I first bought Darling over a year ago - after a rather bad relationship with Barry M's 101 - Waaay to pale for me, it was not pretty

But Darling is so creamy and moisturising and only £6 - Definitely the nude for me

It has been a gorgeous pale lipstick love affair with it and I have never looked back!

Don't we all love Darling! The best & cheapest nude lippie in the world?
I think so!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend,
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Dani said...

I love all your photos, you look so pretty! I've yet to try out anything from the Gosh ranger but £6 is a good price so I may be tempted in future! Loving the nail varnish too :) x

Darling heart said...

Dani - Ahh thank you so much, the nail polish is some random 17 one from like four years ago haha! I totally recomend it girly, you will love it I promise!
Thanks for your comment girly!
x x

Abbie said...

You look lovely! I'm not such a huge fan of gosh darling.. everytime i wear it i have to wear a lipgloss on top cos it doesn't look quite right on my lips :) xx

Ansa said...

I want to get my hands on Darling so bad. Too bad we don't have gosh in the US. I'll have to check out makeup alley.

Vivianna said...

You look amazing - Gosh darling suits you a treat! I have to say I am a massive fan too - £6 for such a lovely nude - bargain!!!

Darling heart said...

Abbie - Thanks girly! Ah really, I can totally see it would be a bit deathly on some people haha! x x

Ansa - Ah it's pretty rubbish GOSH is only sold in the UK, hope you can get it soon! x x

Fern said...

love your hair! very pretty :) x

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

I am truly ashamed to say I do not own this!

Why not!?!

I'm off out to buy it on my lunch tomorrow as your pictures are super pretty and i've decided it's now a must have :)


charleylou said...

i definitely adore gosh darling! you look gorgeous my love :) xxx

Darling heart said...

Ahh thank you so much girlies! Glad there is a mutual love for Darling!
x x x

WillWorkForMakeup said...

You look gorgeous as usual and you hair looks fantastic by the way! :D I wish they would sell GOSH in the US..I hear so much about how perfect Darling is! xx

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful as always. I love how that lipstick looks on you. :D

Anonymous said...

Aw you look stunning, makes me want to try this lipstick even more!! xxxx

Lauren said...

You look gorgeous! And I am a fellow Darling lover :) def one of the best! xx

Becky said...

Great pics


Emma said...

We have Gosh here in Holland but everytime I have Darling in my hands I put it back... dunno why? Might pick it up soon, looks gorgeous on you!

Ellie said...

Hey Darling Heart, I'm a new follower, really like your blog! :)

I'll have to pick this lippie up now - I always wrote it off after absolutely hating Barry M 101 - but this looks more wearable..x


Darling heart said...

Ahh thank you so much girlies!
Hope I have convinced you to get Darling, you cannot live without it I promise you!
Helllllllo to my new follower!
Thanks for all your comments!

Sherrie said...

I`ve got this lippie on my List and really wanna try it. I`ve just bought L`oreals Fairest Nude 800!!! Heard so much about this and managed to find a US seller on Ebay :) got it super cheap!! Happy days :) Gosh Darling is defo next purchase though ;)

Sher :)

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