Monday, 28 February 2011

Cream blush

I've not tried any makeup from Topshop other than this cream blush in the colour Nutmeg

It is a more light more pretty way to wear blush for spring compared to my usual contouring with a dark bronzer

Nutmeg is a warm brownish pink colour that is just bright enough to perk up my complexion

It is totally glitter and shimmer free but applied lightly it gives a pretty dewy finish

Darling Tip
I have found using a stippling brush ( Ruby & Millie) to buff it in gives a more matte and natural finish

Does anyone know of any great cream blushes?
I'm looking to expand my blush collection

Leave me a comment dolls!


Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

you look stunning, i really need to learn to do contouring properly

little rambling rose said...

blusher looks fab on wish I could apply mine as well! I love bodyshop blusher x

Darling heart said...

Sarah@Blusherobsession - Thanks girl, I will do a how to contour post soon maybe?!

little rambling rose - Thank you! It is lovely, I really recomend it. I will have a look out for BS blushers from now on!

Lisa. said...

Ah i really want a cream blush!They look so good!

Abbie said...

You look so pretty! I actually looked at that colour the other day but put it down because I have too many blushes, but I may actually buy next time because it seems such a different colour to my other pretty pink blushes
I like the No.7 cream blushes, I would pick one up once the vouchers come back & I've heard Illamasqua ones are lovely too xx

Darling heart said...

Lisa - Totally reccomend one girl!

Abbie - Thank you! Oh I will check out the No.7 blushes then, love the £5 vouchers!

Lauren said...

I have this, it's loveeeely!
Your skin is flawless, i'm in awe!

blahh said...

This suits you perfectly and I love the way it blends seamlessly into your skin.
I recently bought the Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose and I love it- it's perfect for spring :) xx

Darling heart said...

Thanks for your comments girls, I am definitely going to have to try some of the other Topshop colours!

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ said...

You look gorgeous and the colour really suits you. What colour do you have on your lips? xx

Darling heart said...

Stacey - Thanks girl! Im wearing a maybeline lipstick in the colour coral pop.

Marga said...

Darling, you look absolutely great with brown make up colours!! Simply WOW



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