Monday, 16 May 2011

Featured Blogger - julest

Julia/ julest

This girl has amazing style
-Her blog is constantly updated with short and sweet posts, featuring hauls from highsteet favourites, beautiful hair and makeup pieces and the odd editorial-esque post
-Her photos are delicious, detailed and abundant, her blog is a real joy to read

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Mallory Taylor said...

She is one of my top favorite blogs! You are too haha!

xo -Mallory

jules. said...

awwww wow thank you so much lovely this is so nice of you, am so happy you made my day thank u again wow xxxxx

Darling Heart said...

Mallory- glad you love her aswell, and thankyou!
Jules- You're welcome girl, so glad you were my first featured blogger, absolutely love your blog!

jules. said...

ur so sweet thank you hun ill return the favour <3 xxx

maphi said...

i love her blog she really has amazing style xoxo

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