Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mini OOTD / Future crisis/ Update

Hey Dolls!

Argh So I am back at school after my exams, it is so rubbish! It's my final year of school and so I am super busy with Uni open days and other boring stuff ugh! I'm going to a massive Uni convention shin dig on Thursday, when like representatives form a hundred universities come and you walk around and talk to them and get booklets
It's so scary I cant believe I'm thinking about Uni already, I don't want to grow up and I am so worried that I'm going to ruin my life by choosing the wrong course to do haha!
But in general, I have no idea what to do with my life haha, I'm feeling so lost and overwhelmed, blogging is a lovely escape!
If only I could sit blogging with a cup of tea listening to Kylie for the rest of my life haha!

But anyways.. I have something really exciting to post about in the next few days, that I will let you all know about eee!

So this is a semi OOTD, it has been a bit chilly and grey and horrid in England the past few days
I got this jumper from Topshop in the winter and I love it! It has shoulder pads and studs haha, it's so cool I love it! I just wore boring jeans and pumps that you probably don't care about haha

Also I am on the second Lauren Conrad book - Sweet little lies , ahh I love it!
It's just as sugary and whimsical as the first one, is anyone else reading these books? I also heard she is coming out with a style book, cant wait for that ahh!

So this was just a quick post and probably a very boring rant and musing about my shakey future, just to let you know what I will be doing more interesting posts soon!

Hope everyone is swell
love you all!


Shantel121 said...

So pretty! I soo jealous of your hair!

aww, i had the same problem when i had to decide what to do! I changed my uni application 4 times! Even accepted a place and then changed my mind!

You'll be fine =)If you don't want to do something you can always change! Nothings set in stone!

Good luck! =)


charleylou said...

i know how rubbish is going back to school! that is soooo weird, i have a conference on thursday too :S snap! haha :) xxx

Darling heart said...

Shantel121 - Awh thanks hun! Ahh really, thats really reasurred me knowing that you changed so many times! I'm just scared of commitment haha. Thanks girly! x

Shantel121 said...

Aww no problem! Glad i could help a little! yeh i was the same, didn't want to commit to any, i have a habit of changing my mind =D -x-

Princess Juicy said...

I know how you feel - we are going to 2 things next week and my exams haven't even finished yet and im learning stuff for next year!! I have no idea what to do and everyone around seems to know where they want to go and what to do and im like :S haha. Hope you enjoy the trip!! xx

Anonymous said...

Hello ♥
Don't worry yourself about picking the wrong University. I was certain I wasn't going to go to University to do what I wanted to do as I wanted to work and earn money rather than pay it. Well needless to say I went off to do it for 3 months and my dream changed a little. I then worked for 9months and applied to University for what I now want to do. I honestly think it's really helped me be who I am now. I think personally a year working taught me so much that stood me in good mind frame for which meant I went with my 'work' head on rather than a 'play' head on. (Of course you've still gotta 'play' hard - I do!! :-D)
Ok lots of mumble there, but my advice is even if you change your mind it's so easy to do something else at our age and you'll so much whatever you do. By learn I don't mean textbook stuff too - I would say I think I've learnt the most life lessons the last 3 years I think I've learnt in all my 21/22 years.

Anyways, a more light note. I think I'm going to buy Lauren Conrad's first book after your description of her writing :-)


Charlotte said...

Im very jealous of your locks misses, they are beautiful :).

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Ahhh you look totally beautiful hun!

Looking forward to hearing your exciting news :)



Penny Lane said...

love your hair!
you're SO pretty....you remind me of America Fererra :]

Lauren said...

You look gorgeous :)
And i've just finished Laurens first book, can't wait to read this one! xx

Caz said...

You look gorgeous - i love that top!
& i've got no idea what i'm going to do or what unis or anything - im going to a uni convention next tuesday but i doubt it will help much lol
Good luck with your choices

Anonymous said...

Uni is hard, but just remember if you find you have chosen wrong you can start again. You have your whole life ahead of you [that's what my Mum said to me] and now's the time to experiment and discover yourself.

Darling heart said...

Ahh thank you so much girls! youve all given my great advice! Its really good to know that there is always time to completley change in the other direction and it will all turn out ok!
x x x

Abbie said...

I feeling exatly the same about college, don't have a clue..
You look gorgeous girlieee x

Imogen said...

Uni is lots of fun!! you can always change your mind.
Love your hair and jumper!

Lane :) said...

i adore your hair. :D

Anonymous said...

i've read both books by LC and i love them! such a fast and entertaining read. LC is coming out with a Style book in October-i'll definitely be on the look out for that one. cute blog!


Georgina said...

Hey doll!
Seriously do not worry about University at all...I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, had a gap year and then decided.
I've just finished my 2nd year and it has honestly been the best 2 years of my life! I don't know anyone who hasn't loved it and all my friends have done different subjects in different cities.
Also, the reality is, if you do regret your decision, everything is so flexible and you can always change if need be

WillWorkForMakeup said...

Good luck with all of your school-related decision making :) I know it can be stressful but I'm sure you'll make the choice that is right for you and everything will be just dandy! Hang in there! On a side note, I love the studded shoulder detailing on that top...you look great! xxx

Darling heart said...

Thanks so much girlies, your comments are so helpfull and inspiring! x

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