Sunday, 20 June 2010

Temporay tattoos - Chanel Dupe

Hello girlies!

So I found something so exciting! I was having a walk around New look, and I found these babies!
They're by a brand called Art of Love, and each pack is £4.99 comes with three different sheets of tattoos!
So when I think of temporary tatoos, spiderman, dragon and glittery designs that come free in cereal and magazines for children come to mind - i.e

But these are a grown up and fabulous version

They are so easy to apply, you just cut out the design and use a wet flannel to moisten the paper, and voila you have yourself a tattoo pain free!
I was so lusting over the Chanel ones

But the Chanel ones are about £59, boo!
These obviously don't have the Chanel logo but they have the same chain and lace designs, they also have swallows, love hearts and flowers!

I am so excited to have a little play with these, I'm thinking attach some of the hearts onto a chain around my wrist and maybe swallows on the back of my neck!
I've always wanted a tattoo but I am way too scared to get one done right now!
I'll put some photos up when I put them on!

So i hope this appealed to some of you, I have allot of friends who would never be interested in a tattoo
But i think these are so fun to play around with, especially in summer when we're going to be flashing the flesh, get down to new look before they go!

What do you girlies think, yay or nay?


Sammi said...

I remember using them when I was little. Of course those ones were colourful and often something along the lines of hearts and things if I remember right. I think they look lovely and I would maybe wear them on a night out.

Lauren said...

I saw these in Topshop and thought whaaat Temp Tattoos are back in? Haha. I'd give them a try :)


Becky said...

I think I'll give them a try too! They're just so cute

Jessica said...

I want want want some! Might have to pop to New Look tomorrow, so glad you posted about this :)


Sprinkleofglitter said...

Yay yay yay, these look bloomin' amazing!!! xxxxxx

Darling heart said...

Sammi - Haha yeah, I think they would look pretty cool for special ocasions and just to pretend they are real haha! x

Lauren - Ahh I saw some in Topshop as well, but they where the same price for only two designs! x

Becky - Ahh I think they are so cute too, glad you like them girly! x

Jessica - Ahh I'm glad I spread the word about them haha! Hope you can get some girly! x

Sprinkleofglitter - Ahh aren't they so cool! x

Thanks for your comments girlies!

A Pocket full of Dreams said...

Wow what a great find! I will definitely be popping myself in to New Look to pick some up for myself! Thanks for sharing x x x

*Peonies and lilies* said...

What a bargain! I love the pretty floral designs x

Juicygirl said...

Yay from me love love love think I need to go shopping thankyoooou huni xoxo

Charly said...

Oh my god I have been lusting after those Chanel transfers forever! Loving that they have cheaper versions avalaible now, found some in Topshop too but even they were a tenner :o I will be popping down to New Look thanks for the heads up!


Darling heart said...

Thanks girlys! So glad I pointed you in the right direction! x x x

Caitlin said...

These look like they would be so fun! I can't wait to see the pics of them on you ! xo

Nur Bamadhaj said...

Yay!! A great dupe. I really like the swallows


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