Thursday, 29 July 2010

99p Brush cleanser & Storage!

Hey Dolls!

Todays post is about brush cleansing & storage!

So I have never used an expensive brush cleaner, I don't own any lovely Mac or Bobbi brown brushes
So I don't see any need for me to shell out on an expensive cleanser

Here are my dirty brushes -

I have a variety of brushes from Cosmopolitan & Ruby and Millie to cheap 17 ones and they do me just fine!

A girl simply still needs clean brushes, even if they aren't deluxe ones

I suggest Tesco Coconut shampoo!- 99p for 750ml

I've often read about people using baby shampoo and I've tried that myself also, but you know I love coconut!

This shampoo has added moisturisers, smells gorgeous and the massive bottle will last you for ages!
It will leave your brushes lovely and soft & smelling delish!

I totally recommend using a cheap moisturising shampoo if you are looking for a brush cleanser!

Just in case your interested?
I wash my brushes twice weekly & my foundation brush three times a week
This really is a must, they work so much better & you definitely have less chance of breaking out

After washing, I just mould the bristles into their original shape and lay them out on a towel to dry!

On another note

I thought I would share with you something new I picked up the other day and it is a great way to store brushes

Pink heart pencil holder - This is only 99p from Tescos!
Its meant to be a stationary holder and would look so cute on a desk, but It's so pretty and is a fab brush holder!

And how satisfying when your brushes are all clean and fluffy and sitting in a cute holder!

Hope you girlies enjoyed this post
Do you have any good brush recommendations or brush cleansers?
Leave me a comment!


Shannon said...

Oo love the new brush storage, what a bargain! :)

Darling heart said...

Shannon - Ahh thanks girly, I can't believe it was so cheap! Thanks for your comment! x

Emmmmmar said...

what a great idea! x

Mybutterfly63 said...

I love the shampoo suggestion! I saw the little heart holder the other day in tesco and so nearly bought it! xx

Chloe said...

I used to use baby shampoo too, but it's not antibacterial, so I use a gentle handwash with antibacterial agents!

Becky said...

Love that heart holder!

Anonymous said...

Cute holder! Yes, I just use mild shampoo & it does the trick! xo

kimberley said...

Great tip. Love the brush holder!

Olivia said...

I saw that stationary in Tesco and was so tempted to pick one up to store my brushes! xx

beatricelilly said...

Cute brush holder :) xx

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

I do exactly the same, use a mild shampoo on them and it works just fine :)

Always leaves them soft and smooth


*Onna's Little Blog* said...

love love love the new brush storage...its soo cute!! Cant believe its only 99p!! Maybe I should pop down to tesco?... I use baby shampoo to clean mine but I guess I nice smell to my brushes wouldnt hurt :) xx

charleylou said...

definitely going to buy some of this, my brushes are in need of a good clean!
:) xxx

missy_ellie_uk said...

Love the brush holder, it's super cute! I use a sensitive antibacterial liquid soap to clean my brushes, don't really want to shell out for expensive stuff either. x

Charly said...

Thank you soo much for this post, I have been trying to decide waht to clean my brushes with for aaages so this is really helpful, can't wait to put my make up on smelling all coconuty :)


Darling heart said...

Ahh glad you girlies like!
Anti bacterial soap sounds like it would be amazing also, I will definitely give that a whirl!

Anonymous said...

The heart container is too adorable! I just use glass tumblers from peets haha, not near as cute! xxx

princessbelle said...

hahahha soooo funny i saw this little heart pencil holder in Tescos a few weeks back and actually picked it up and bought it along with a few other bits for my daughter's friends birthday present. Literally as i was walking back to the car i said to my daughter 'oh my god i should totally have bought that heart thing for my make up brushes'....but just could not be bothered to go back, and now they don't have any left :-(((

Devs said...

I love that heart container! Very cute! When I wash my brushes I will use either shampoo (anything that works for my hair and I have laying around) or Dove body cleanser. I really want to try that coconut one because I LOVE the smell of coconuts!

Miss♥Nikka said...

Adorable brush holder..i love hearts!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely brush holder. Looks so cute and adorable. Love it!!! =D

Candy girl said...

I love the heart brush holder sooo cute!! I got my blusher brush from the Body Shop for christmas. They are a little expensive (I think mine was £12-£15)but they are sooo soft! They're retractable too which means that it stays clean in my makeup bag and I can take it with me on nights out. Love the blog X x

*rachelwears said...

oooo shampoo for cleaning brushes, i am gonna do it (:

Laura @ The Beauty Sanctum said...

Just got your comment on my last OOTD post hun, i'm wearing Snob by MAC - Thought this would be the easiest way to let you know hehe xx

Darling heart said...

Wooo glad you ladies all like!
Thank you so much for your comments!
x x x

Sherrie said...

Just found your blog :) Thanks for the great tip!! Im a lover of anything which tastes and smells of coconut!! I have childhood memories of that smell my mum always use to comb through coconut condtioner in my hair :) I will defo be giving that shampoo a go!! Must add it to my next shop :)

Sher :)

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