Monday, 20 September 2010

DIY - Shabby Chic Lacey Shelf Cover

Hello Dolls!

So I have a massive problem with mess & clutter, and my disorganised shelves where making me feel anxious haha
So I had a little creative idea, it was so easy & I have to share it with you
Hope you all try it!

I found an old lace curtain, you could use any curtain or material
I used 3 pin nails and hammered them into the sides of the shelve, that is the most strenuous part and it took two minutes
And then simply hooked the curtain over it

I obviously had to go to far with the girliness and safety pinned two pink hair bows

It looks a hundred times better, I'm so ashamed to show you the mess that is behind it!

What do you girlies think?
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Anonymous said...

pretty!definitely will try once i have some lacey curtain and some pretty bows like you haha:)xxx

suzie said...

OMG what a great idea this is! Thank you so much for sharing! I have a similar shelf in my bedroom that I couldn't put a door on as the space there is just not enough to open it. I thought about getting a sliding door custom made for it, but this is a lot better & cheaper :) I can't wait to go curtain-shopping haha! Thanks again :)

Cowbiscuits said...

what a brilliant idea! xx

Supergirl said...

Yes, thats really great idea!

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