Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Review - Miss Cole

Hello Dolls!
Something very exciting to write about here!

The other day I was sent some products from the lovely Jane at Miss Cole HQ
Ever heard of Miss cole?
I've seen it in Superdrug & the whole range has amazing packaging - definitely recommend a looky next time you pop in!

So I was very lucky to receive It's a sham - poo (shampoo) & Head start ( Conditioner)
These are ideal for colour treated or dry hair - My locks have been suffering allot recently from allot of curling
Both are sold at superdrug for £2.50 each & 300mls each - Bargain!

The brand motto/ catchphrase is - "Girls just want to have fun"
Very good words to live by in my opinion, and it really illustrates what this whole brand is about - Fun & girliness!

Packaging - I love this! Such a bright hot pink & The font is so girly & I love the really cute hair dryer & crown designs. It jazz's up my shower!

Scent - I think scent in hair products is so important - This smells so delicious! Very florally & fresh - Very similar scent to Juicy Couture's original perfume! And the scent lingered in my hair, a very nice waft of Miss Cole spreads out every time i swish my hair!

Product - I was a bit skeptical that a shampoo for dry hair could leave my hair heavy or greasy - but it cleansed it so nicely! Left feeling very soft & swishy
And the conditioner was lovely as well, very creamy & thick - it definitely sorted out my dry ends!
I think this could be a staple step in my hair routine for some time!

Over all I am very much loving this product!
A welcome change to my regular shampoo & hopefully will sort out my dry hair in the long term - I will keep you posted!
Definitely recommend this one girlies, & gifsets will be available for Christmas at Debenhams & House of Frazer - One will definitely be on my Christmas list!

Check out their website - It is so fun & cute!
You can also follow Miss Cole on Twitter & Facebook

Click here

What do you girliest think, have you seen Miss Cole around?
Leave me a comment!


Lisa. said...

Kind of reminds me of soap and glory in a way but i love any girilie inspired products!

Debby said...

Love the catch phrase! I haven't seen this in the U.S. yet! xo

Darling heart said...

Lisa - I totally agree, I am a sucker for all types of girly products! x

Debby - Ah that's a shame, hopefully it will be available for you one day! x

Princess Feef said...

dont have these here ,,but loving the hot pink <3 hehe

edk.dolce said...

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nicoletta said...

Looks really cute, i love pink packaging it instantly sells it too me lol. I'm your newest follower xx

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