Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Shine junkie

Hello dolls, the other day my mums friend came round and she always gives my mum clothes etc that she doesn't use anymore, and in the pile she'd given
Bed Head's Shine junkie, my mum said she didn't want it so I got it yaay

Oh my gosh I have to rave to you guys about this product!
It's really cool, it comes in a canister, like squirty cream, and you push it down for the product to come out. It's a serum/smoothing cream that makes your hair super shiny and treats split ends. The product reminds me allot of Gosh's primer, it has the same consistency and velvety feeling! It makes my hair so soft and lovely, and you only need a tiny bit or it could make it greasy,
It has the same scent as Bedheads superstar blow dry lotion, sort of orange/citrusy deliciousness!

I really love this product, and would defiantly buy it, I encourage everyone to try it out!

Comment and tell me what hair products you love/hate!


Sprinkleofglitter said...

Oooooh I recently started on bedhead products, I shall have to give this one a whirl! xxx

SummerBabe said...

I love TIGI after party, it makes my hair look just soooo great!


Darling heart said...

Ah i totally agree, that was my first ever and most loved bedhead product, it smells like pure loveliness!

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