Monday, 24 May 2010

English heatwave - Summer skin saviors

Hey lovelies

Oh my gosh, over the weekend England has had a massive heatwave!
I spent all of Saturday/Sunday and today, just lounging in the garden in my swimsuit!
I have a lovely deep tan on my chest and face, and loads of freckles on my nose! I love freckles, I wish I had more I think they are so cute!

Anyways, I'm not that fair skinned, but I have quite badly burnt bits on my shoulders and heat rash on my hands and forearms ugh. I am also quite concerned that my newly natural bronzed skin isn't going to last, so this lead me to this post idea -

These are the products I always use to care for my skin abroad or when we get the few hot days in England

Exfoliator / Body brush
I always ensure to get rid of dead skin prior to fake tanning or laying out in the sun, the tan looks so much deeper and glowy, and it will last allot longer if you have newly smoothed skin!

Suncream / Tanning oil
Obviously suncream is a must, I've been using factor 30 on my face and 15 on my body, but the factor I use depends on how hot it is. I love the scent of suncream, it transports me to a lovely beach, especially when creams have a really strong coconuty scent!
I rarely use tanning oil, It literally fries my skin, so I only use it when I have a really strong natural tan or I will just burn. It is really moisturising and makes you tan allot easier though!

Cool baths
These are so nice! Showers with a really strong water pressure will just really hurt burnt skin, so I've been taking really long cool baths to soothe my heat rash and burns.
I only use a tiny amount of bubbles though, as my skin is so sensitive after being in the sun!
I suggest using my method of a Milk & Honey bath ( click here to see it) as it is so lovely and moisturising post sunbathing!

After sun
I picked up the Aloe Vera gel when I was in Mexico, I love gel's and I keep them in the fridge to make them extra cooling and soothing !
I also use a cheap after sun lotion, to moisturise the rest of my body. I love love love the smell of after sun, does anyone else? I think it smells all manly and aquatic haha!

I also love to use shimmering lotion if I am going out, it enhances the tan so nicely and makes me have that fabulous Jlo Glow!

Further moisturising
The day after Ive stopping tanning, I use a really intense moisturiser to help my tan stay for as long as possible! I use this St Tropez lotion, it is designed to be used whilst tanning naturally, using sunbeds, or fake tanning. It is so soothing and really helps my tan stay for over two weeks! The smell is lovely as well, really fresh and herbally! I really recommend it!

So that is my Summer skin routine, hope you liked this post !
Do you do similar things, let me know what you summer skin care tips are?
Have you been enjoying the lovely weather recently?


Ariel said...

I can't wait to be tan again!! Ahh summer can't come fast enough:) I'm soo jealous that you get freckles from the sun, I've always thought they were the prettiest thing in the world! xxx

Helen [In Elegance] said...

I'm fair skinned so always wear plenty of sunscreen, apart from that my Summer skincare doesn't really differ from any other time of the year.

Sammi said...

Hey darling ♥
Hope your exams went well.
Start mine this week :-(
I've been out in the sun all weekend too and I'm super fair skinned - on sight of the sun and my skin goes red.
I used factor 30 all over this weekend with regular reapplies and I still got lobster-like!!
Worse of all I burnt the tops of my feet which as you can imagine is ultra painful :-(
I do a similar process as you to conquer the redness, including lots of TLC!!

Sammi said...

p.s. I get freckles all over my body just like you and I love them. I never understand why people hate them :-)

Darling heart said...

Ariel - Ahh I know, I cant wait for summer! Ah I didnt get that many, I completley agree with you though, they are so cute and pretty! x

Helen - Yeah sunscreen is so important, your lucky you dont have to have a complete overhauld of skincare! x

Sammi - Awh thank you hun! They where ok, I have more to come though ugh. Good luck in yours, I'm sure you will do fine! Ah oh no! Hope the burning goes down! Big result you got pretty freckles though! x

Thanks for your comments girlies!
x x

Lauren said...

Great post hun! I'm loving this weather! xx

Darling heart said...

Lauren - Ahh thank you girly! Ah finaly we get some lovely sun! x x

Lauren said...

I hate freckles! Well thats a lie, on other people they are cute but on me they just make me look pale and my skin looks so many shades of horrible colours.
I'm loving the heat too, but I couldn't sit outside coz I felt like it was frazzling my skin!

The Beauty Sanctum said...

It has been totally gorgeous this weekend! - Even in the North :)

Fab post though hunny - Really informative aswell, I totally agree with the suntan cream smell.. Hawaiian Tropic smell is just amazing!


lovelyviolet5 said...

I'm going to try the Garnier this year for body!!Thanks!

Darling heart said...

Lauren - Ah no! I'm so jealous of people that have loads of freckles, you should embrace them girly! x

Beauty sanctum - Yeah it's been so lovely, high time we got some sun! Ah thank you girly, ah I know it smells so yummy and instantly makes me think of holidays! x

Lovelyviolet - Your welcome girly! I love garnier fake tan, its really really good! x

Thanks for your comments!

missKC027 said...

Super pretty post! hope you could follow mine as well! im a new follower now!! thanks


kayleigh said...

i also love when my freckles come out, i love the products you use i never thought of using the st tropez lotion. I use a factor 15 at the mo, after the weekend i think i need like a 30 lol, i still ended up a lil burnt.i have aloe vera gel i purchased on my hols that i still use. i love its cooling sensation gels are so much better than aftersun lotions

Darling heart said...

MissKCo27 - Awh thanks hun! Of course I'll follow you, thanks for following me! x

Kayleigh - Ah I love when my face is all freckley and tanned, I dont realy wear much face makeup when that happens! Ah you should try the St Tropez, it is so nice and is so good for keeping the tan! x

Hello Barbie said...

Hi, I'm a new follower and love your blog :) keep up the good work! xx


Darling heart said...

Thank you hun! x

Stacey said...

A body brush is a must for glowing skin! I love the smell of aftersun too. Yet again a lovely post ;o) x

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