Saturday, 15 May 2010

Post party skin

Hey lovelies!
So I like to blog about everyday things that happen as I feel it makes my blog easier to relate to, if that makes any sense!

Last night, my friends and I went to a local concert type thing, there was a Madness and Queen tribute band, we all love a bit of Ska and bohemian rhapsody eh.
Allot of very embarrassing singing and drunken dancing took place, I've also had a relay horrible cold, so this morning I woke up to my skin being an insanely dry, sensitive, puffy and red mess. It is definitely lacking with the normal glowy radiance I like it to have.

Every girl loves to party, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has to deal with the general death like skin the morning after.This inspired me to make a post about the issue of caring for hungover and dehydrated skin!

So here is my ways of dealing with after party skin -

- Seriously, I drink quite allot of water everyday, but tiredness and alcohol is so dehydrating for skin, I make myself drink a pint of water as soon as I wake up

Deep clean - I make sure I give my face a proper wash with a gentle foaming cleanser, as normally I don't get round to washing my face at all If Ive been partying.

I also steam my face occasionally, with a bowl of hot water and a few drops of tea tree oil, it is so good for clarifying and detoxing the skin!

- This is definitely the most crucial part, for really dry skin I swear by good old Nivea cream, it is so cheap, like 99p!
I slather on a really thick layer on my face and neck, like I would a face mask, and just leave it to soak in, glowyness will ensue!

- If I have to go out, minimal makeup is definitely key. Tinted moisturiser, allot of brightening concealer, bronzer, lip balm, mascara, white eyeliner. 8 hour cream is a godsend in dehydrated skin situations, apply liberally!
More makeup does not equal more beauty, in any situation, especially not post party! Sheer and glowy makeup with a glossy lip is what I go for, à la gossip girl and Olivia Palermo. Speaking from experience,matte powder and caked on foundation will just make skin look even more grey, tired and dull.

Sleep - I just love sleeping in general, and my skin is a million times better after a good ten hours!

So I hope you girlie's enjoyed this post, comment me and let me know what your ways to deal with post party skin are!

P.s -
A bacon sandwich ( or any fried food in large quantities), cup of tea, some reality TV and light reading material are completely necessary in making yourself feel human again.

This could be a hidden gem that only the likes of sporty gym whores and buff jocks know about, this stuff is amazing! Its one of those fizzy tablets you dissolve in water, it tastes like Orange squash and it has like every mineral and vitamin you need per day. It peps me up and makes you feel really lush and if you drink it daily you are less likely to get colds and such. I don't drink this daily, only when I'm hungover, I have a cold right now, case in point really!


annabelle said...

i saw your blog on a tagged post and had a quick peek. i adore ALL of these post party fixers, so thanks for posting. especially as i usually have to go to work on a hangover monday! love x

Anonymous said...

I loved this post, especially your hangover cure. Bacon sandwich is a must.

BTW I tagged you.

Darling heart said...

Annabelle - Ahh thanks hun, glad you enjoyed! x

Helen - Thanks girly, ahh I know, anything fried really haha. Thanks for tagging me, I'll get on it!

Anonymous said...

I adore this post.
You have such a way of describing things which are so true and you include all the horrible details without grossing us out :-)
I really enjoy going out but hate the yucky feeling and slumming it the next day.
Definitely the best thing is a cooked breakfast but not cooking it :-(

Darling heart said...

Sammi - Ahh thank you so much hun! I just write how I would talk with my friend really haha. Haha yeah roping a mother or less hungover friend to cook is definitely the only way to have breakfast really.
Thanks for your comment girly!

The Beauty Sanctum said...

Totally fab post, water for me is a definate and i'm also a Berocca girlie too - Tropical though as I don't like orange!

I love the Elizabeth Arden 8hr products; whenever I fly with Thomson they usually have the travel size sets for around £20 and they're perfect to slip in your handbag, the lip balm is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Aw I loved this post, I have to pay strict attention to myself all day or I never drink enough water :(! xxx

Lauren said...

Really useful post, thanks!
Thankyou for your lovely comment the other day aswell :) it really made me smile!
I have nominated you for a blog award here: as I think you deserve it :) xxx

charleylou said...

love this post! totally agree with you on the bacon sandwich & reality tv ;) xxx

missy_ellie_uk said...

Berocca is awesome! They are my number one next day pick me up after a big night out.

Laura said...

Nice to see a refreshing post like this!

Gaby said...

Hello! Thanks for sharing your way to deal with hangover skin. I like to party too, but I know it makes me feel like crap the next morning. I absolutely swear by water, too. Since I've started leaving a bottle of water by my desk or in my handbag or school bag, I have really noticed improvment in my skin conditions. It is much more clearer and I'm delaing with fewer blemishes.

Choccy-Biccy said...

You've got me lusting over a bacon sarnie now. Mmmmmmm xxxx

Ankush said...

Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through.

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