Saturday, 30 October 2010

My 18th Birthday - Cake, Presents haul, FOTN

Hello loves!

This is my very very belated birthday post
I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, and I had such a lovely special time and I obviously have to share it with you all!

Please don't think I'm bragging about what I received or what I did, I am so gratefull for everything!

Firstly, I was given an Iphone 4! I am soso happy with it and I am now addicted to twitter, please follow me I only have 93 followers at the moment haha!/DarrlingHeart

I found this crystal case from eBay for about £8 with a screen protector, so hopefully it will stop me scratching or dropping it haha

My other big present was a new camera, It's a SAMSUNG ES28
It is so amazing, and has a load new settings and modes for me to play with, hopefully you can tell the difference in quality - Most importantly it is pink!

I went out for a birthday meal at a french restaurant with my friends which was really lovely, champagne and birthday cake where the highlights!

My mum makes the most amazing cakes, this is my favourite yet!
Red velvet, with pink icing! It was so pretty I didn't want to eat it

I was given these helium balloons and they are still going strong in my room!

My best friends gave me the new Chloe perfume - LOVE Eau Du Parfum I had my eye on and it is amazing, the bottle is so chic and the scent is so cozy and lovely for winter

My mum also gave me Pretty from Elizabeth Arden, which came with the same scented lotion and a goregous makeup bag
Love this scent, it isnt something I would of looked at, but its such a fresh flowery scent for the day time!

My mum knows I love cleaning my room - I find it really relaxing
and I am always complaining that nothing is girly enough, so she got me pink bleach, sponges, and some glam rubber gloves

You all know I love shabby chic things, and this photo holder is so perfect with my room, I love this so much!

It is a tradition in my house that we always get new pajamas for Christmas and birthdays, These fabulous ones where from Primark!

I am an avid tea fan, and also a complete lover of baths, One of my other best friends gave me this uber cute tea pot and filled it with bath bombs, so thought-full and cute!

My friends know that I am a massive Elvis fan (ashamed to admit haha), and they got me the best clock ever

As I said, please don't think I was bragging!
Hope everyone is well
Apologies for the lack of posts, but I am in the mood to blog again!
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Louise said...

Happy belated birthday! You looked stunning, hope you had a great day :)
& I love the presents you received!

Laura xo said...

Happy belated birthday! Lovely gifts :) You look gorgeous! Ahh, i LOVE Elvis too! <3 x

Tabitha Sheridan said...

Awh, you're lucky, happy belated birthday xx

Emma said...

aww they look like lovely presents, i hope you had a wonderful 18th, so far none my past couple of birthdays have quite managed to top mine! x

Irene ♥ said...

your bloody stunning! glad you had a good birthday sweets!:)

WillWorkForMakeup said...

Sounds like you had an amazing birthday :D You looked absolutely beautiful...LOVED your makeup! That tea pot is too cute! xx

Glimmer and Glow ♥ said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday :) You looked gorgeous! Love the cake and presents :) xx

Darling heart said...

Thank you so much girlies for all your amazing comments, I've missed you all!
I had such a lovely day, can't wait for next year!
x x

Gaby said...

Wow you got spoiled!! That tea pot is adorable ^^

dontcallmejessie said...

Ooh, looks like you had a lovely birthday! Great gifts! I'm wishing for Love, Chloe as well. :)

Hurricanes12 said...

here's a late happy birthday, you got some really awesome gifts. hope you had the best day ever :)

Marie said...

Belated Happy Birthday!:D

***** Marie *****

Chloe said...

wow! you got some lush things! i really want to try the new chloe :) xxx

Darling heart said...

Thank you girls, totally recomend Chloe, it is super long lasting and more florally and fresh than the original. Give it a whiff next time you see it!

Hannah. said...

happy belated birthday! loved reading this post! looks like you had a mega lovely birthday with lots of amazing goodies!

Helen Victoria said...

Wow you're such a lucky girl these presents are amazing. I think it's super cute that your mum got you cleaning presents, bless. And your cake is beautiful too! Thanks for sharing :) x

Princess Feef said...

happy-late-birthday =D
love all ur gifts ,,,, lucky u .

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