Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween FOTN - Scar face

Hello Dolls

Happy late Halloween!

For us Brits, It's obvious that Halloween isn't celebrated as much as our friends from across the Pond, this makes me quite sad and I feel like we're missing out on all the fun!
I really wish the holiday was a bigger deal here, I only got a few random trick or treaters knocking at the door, not that we had any goodies for them

I would of loved to do a really fun editorial look for you guys, Sexy vampire, Zombie with fun contact lenses etc, but I had no where to go haha!

But I did go to one party, and it was so much fun dressing up as something different -
I had a packet of stick on gel scars amid fake blood, I'm not one for being that creative with clothes and I would of certainly not worn a sexy sexy little bo peep costume or anything like that haha

I basically just did
a smokey brown eye
a heavy contour using Harmony blush from Mac
and a blood red lip, using Plum from Revlon
And of course the scar and blood

My friend Jamie, went as a Gothic vampire bride haha
Her stick on teeth were amazing though, isn't she gorgeous!

It was so easy and really realistic looking, it had fake stitches in it as well!
I got loads of comments on it, and I think I may do this look again for any fancy dress party!

What do you girls think?
Did you have a good Halloween, I'd love to hear what you did or what you dressed up as!
Leave me a comment!


Lauren said...

you look gorgeous even with a big bloody scar on your face haha xx

Anonymous said...

you look waaanderful even if you do wear a scar sweetie!

Darling heart said...

Thanks girlies! It was a bit gory in real life though haha

WillWorkForMakeup said...

Love the scar! You are too awesome! And I'm sure I've told you this before but I am so jealous of your hair! xx

Vivianna said...

Wow I can't look at that scar for too long! It looks so real - amaizing! x

Anonymous said...

Even with the fake scar I can't get past how gorgeous you are! You just can't look bad! xo

Anonymous said...

Love the fake scar and you look gorgeous, I love your hair.
I didn't dress up for Halloween this year as I wasn't going anywhere. We didn't get any trick or treaters either. very sad.

Princess Feef said...

loveeeeed ur scar !
u looked gorgeous ,, and glad to know u had an awesome time ,,
so late cuz i have exams boo =(

Uly said...

looks like fun!

visit me at

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