Monday, 21 March 2011

Fruit Works

I was recently scent two products from the massive Fruit Works range at Grace Cole

Watermelon & Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub and Body Butter

Firstly, the scent of these products is amazing!
I normally find fruit scented products have an off-putting chemical/sickly scent, but these have a realistic, sweet and juicy smell which lasts on my skin

Both products come in a fun, hot pink packaging which looks fabulous in my shower

The Scrub - 238ml
- This is a great every day product to keep skin soft and radiant, however I would use something more abrasive before fake tanning etc

Darling Tip - Mix a little sugar with a body scrub in your hand to make a scrub more abrasive and effective

The Body Butter - 250ml This is so luscious and creamy, I have been using this in the mornings and I find the scent and moisture lasts all day on my skin
It has the sweet, watermelon and grapefruit scent which mixes well with any perfume I wear or is strong enough to give a subtle fragrance

I definitely recommend giving these a try if your looking for some new, fruity body products for spring & summer.

Check out their website where you can buy online & see more of the fruity products -

Have you tried any Fruit Works products?
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little rambling rose said...

these sound really nice I love watermelon and grapefruit scents may have to try this X

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