Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hello girlies!

Quick post about soemthing I'm loving right now
Soap & Glory - Glamalot body spray

S&g have the best body sprays, hands down. They have a really strong and lingering scent, and are a reasonable price, around £6 for 250ml!

There are 3 sprays, but my favourite is glamalot. It smells really musky, warm and sexy scent but also has a lovely sweet vanillary side to it, and is really nice to wear instead of perfume.Plus the packaging is so girly and kitsch!

I have nothing bad to say about this product, I love dousing myself in it and become flammable basically haha, the spray is perfect to carry in your bag and top yourself up to feel more refreshed and fabulous!

Do we like soap and glory?


Laura xo said...

vanilla & musky scents are my fav :) i'll definately have to check this one out! xx

Darling heart said...

Laura - I deff recomend it girly, I've repurchased this 3 or 4 times! x

charleylou said...

i'd buy this product, if only just for the packaging! i really like body sprays, as you can just pop them into your bag and spritz until your heart's content...without worrying about the glass bottle smashing or using up all of your expensive perfumes! might have to check this one out :) xxx

Darling heart said...

Charlelou - Yeah the packaging is so pretty, I always have this in my school bag. When I spray it people are like, ahhhh whats that nice smell? Deff check it out! Thanks for your comment girly! x x

Lauren said...

I've never tried their body sprays, but I might have to give them a go, I'm sick of using expensive perfume in the day just for work.


Darling heart said...

Lauren - Yeah same, I hate thinking I'm wasting my good perfume when I'm just sitting in class, deff recomend trying these out girly!
x x

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