Thursday, 29 April 2010

I want this! - Rimmel 1, 2, 3, mascara

Hey dolls!
So, I am such a mascara fiend, I hoard them and am always wanting to try new ones.
Rimmel 1,2,3 looks mascara caught my eye as it is being thrusted In my face every 5 minutes.. I see the advert with Georgia Jagger ( I flipping love her) at least three times a day.

The mascara looks pretty cool, it allows you to change the brush and customise your lash look depending on what your feeling that day .
According to our friends -

Turn to 1: up to 3x more volume, for chic day-time volume

Turn to 2: up to 5x more volume, for more voluptuous volume

Turn to 3: up to 10x more volume, for dramatic volume

I am definitely eager to try it out, I'm not really a fan of light fairy lashes, I love big voluminous Katy Price lashes!

It's £5.99 at boots at the moment, if your interested check it out here!

Are you wanting to try this? Whats your Holy Grail mascara? Comment me!


Eliza said...

ooooh thats so cool!
I've just brought the new Maxfactor one because it was £6 at Boots!
It's called False Lash Effect
and its got a big fat brush, I loveee it!

One mascara that disappointed me was YSL, it was so good at first and I loved it but it ran dry after one month! GUTTED @ £21!

I love chanel mascaras and the mac pro lash ;)

Love Eliza xxx

Darling heart said...

Eliza - Ahh I want to try the maxfactor one so much! I heard it was covergirl lash blast, but just under max factors name!
Ahh that is so rubbish, I hate when high end expensive products are really bad when you cuold spend £5 for something a million times better!

Thanks for your comment girly!

charleylou said...

this mascara looks really cool but i hope it isn't just one of those rubbish gimmicks!
you have to be one of the loveliest girls i have spoken to on here, thankyou for all your wonderful comments, they mean alot! :D
great post girly xxxx

Lauren said...

I've seen this but I wondered if it would really be anything special!
I'd love to see a review if you do get it though :)

Darling heart said...

Charleylou - Ahh yeah I hate when I get drawn into products just because they look fun and have cool packaging, but then turn out to be really gimmicky, I remember I tried the revlon foundation that had a dial so you could change the colour, but it was complete pants haha.
Ahh thankyouso much! Thank you for commenting me as well! I really enjoy getting comments from regular people, such as yourself!

Lauren - Well I'm going to have a look at the weekend and have a play with it in boots or superdrug and of course I'll do a review!

Thankyou for all your lovely comments!

Keisha said...

thanks for posting this :) i will have to try this mascara out! I love mascara too as soon as a new one comes out i love to go try it out lol...also thanks for following me. :)

Darling heart said...

Keisha - Ahh your welcome girly! Haha I am completley the same with mascaras, which is really wierd seing as mascaras always do the same thing really and there is no need for me to have like six. Thanks for your comment!

Gaby said...

Avon has a mascara similar to this, where you have 3 levels of lashes. Seems interesting, but I would always go for the third level, so... (=

Darling heart said...

Gaby - Ahh really? I've never tried anything from Avon, I shall check it out! Thanks for you comment girly!

Helen [In Elegance] said...

I was wondering about this product how and if it works and want to know before getting it myself.

~*Alice*~ said...

Maybelline Falsies is pretty good, few layers and you have thick clump free lashes xx

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