Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chanel Chance - Zara Dupe

Hello Dollies!

As a fellow beauty blogger, I feel it is my most important duty to inform you of cheap dupes!

We all love a cheap alternative, especially if it is a Chanel alternative

Chance by Chanel is my all time favourite perfume, but at £60 a pop I use it sparingly and it doesn't get much love!

When I was having a little browse in Zara I came across this beauty
Zara Collection

I am not exaggerating at all, it smells exactly the same and lasts a really long time! And it is only around £13!

It's such a distinctive scent and it is perfect for nightime, I definitely recommend this!
I carry this around with me at all times and smell of Chanel as often as I please!

Hope this helps anyone who loves the scent of Chance!

Does anyone else know of any amazing dupes they'd like to share?


Sophie said...

ahh i love you for this post! chanel chance must be one of the most beeeautiful perfumes ever made and if theres a cheap dupe for it I'm so on it ;) x

Darling heart said...

Sophie - Ahh yaay glad it's helped you honey! I love it so much the smell reminds me of fun nights out haha
Thanks for your comment girly!
x x

Dollface said...

Oh my god Chance is like one of my all time favourite scents, I am definately going to check out Zara.

Thanks so much for this sweetie & hope you enjoyed the festival xxx

little miss said...

Ooh I'm gonna try this next time I'm in Zara, thanks for sharing :)

Becky said...

I think I'll try it


Georgina said...

Ah I did a post on this a while back! I love it! xx

Belle xx said...

great tip, belle xx

Marie said...

Ooooh, this is interesting!:D
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& Life According to Marie.

Darling heart said...

Glad you ladies like, I totally recmoned checking it out!
Thank you so much for your comments!

Sherrie said...

Thats brill thanks for sharing this is no added to wants list :)

Sher x

Swan-Heart said...

Do you know where I can buy this online?

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