Tuesday, 6 July 2010

June favourites

Hey Dolls!

Crikey, is it July already ?
I cannot believe we are officially in full blown summer, the past months favourites have been lacking in makeup and have an increased summery tropical feel haha

Body shop Papaya body butter
Ahh this smells delicious, such a strong tropical juicy scent! This is so moisturising as well, perfect for slathering on over scorched skin or as an alternative to perfume if your wanting a sweet delicious aroma

Trident soft Tropical sugar free gum
Ah I am addicted to this! It is way more interesting than regular mint, yawn
It is pretty strong, and people always comment on the fruity aroma in the room when I am chewing this haha
This is a really good alternative to sweets or other snacks as it has no calories but a really sugary flavour!

Burt's bees Beeswax lip balm
This is definitely a cult beauty item
Lovely menthol tingle and very moisturising, enough said really!

Hawaiian tropics moisturising lipgloss - Mango & Papaya

This is so perfect for summer! It has an SPF of 25, and is completely non sticky!
It is super shiny and just gives the lips a lovely juicy plumpness and it is moisturising as well, ideal if your lips get especially dry in the sun and you don't want to sacrifice your gloss!
Words cannot describe how delicious this is either
Are you noticing a tropical fruit shaped pattern in this favourites yet

Heat magazine

Basically any gossip magazine, I have been lounging around outside allot and heat has been a lovely mind numbing read
I have noticed Heat has had allot more beauty and fashion in it recently, hooray!
And allot of features about Big Brother, yes I am addicted

So that was a very orange themed June favourites

Tell me what you have been loving this month, or if you have tried any of these products!


Catanya said...

That gloss from Hawaiian Tropic looks promising! I love that brand.
Great orange June list!

Darling heart said...

Catanya - Ahh it is amazing, totally recomend it, it's the most silky gloss I have ever tried!
Thanks girly!
x x

Blushingloves said...

The lipgloss looks so pretty!!I like that it has got so good SPF!

louloustar said...

Love the lipgloss! I have tagged you over at my blog for an 8 question tag xx

Sarah said...

I've been loving my Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink - gorgeous colour! xx

Darling heart said...

Blushinglove - Ahh it is gorge, and the SPF makes me so happy that I can wear it out in the sun with no fear! x

Louloustar - Glad you like it girly! Ahh thankyou, I will get on it right away! x

Sarah - Ooo I have never tried anything from sleek, I will definitely have a little look next time I am in town though! x

Ariel said...

Mmmm papaya body butter sounds divvvine :) Lovely favorites post doll!x

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