Friday, 2 July 2010

Night out & FOTN - The Drums

Hey Dolls!

So here is a few photos of the other night

My friends and I went to see the band - The Drums

The gig was only in Cambridge so there was just a short train ride to get there, we took a picnic of strawberries and white chocolate fingers to have before haha

It was so so fun, I really like their music and it was a lovely night out
I only have one photo of them at the gig, I was being pushed all the time so there was hardly any chance to get a good one!

The climax was when they played their song, Let's go surfingIf you haven't heard it yet I suggest you check it out, it's a perfect summery song

I am very happy with my skin at the moment, no break outs at the moment, hooray, so I layed off the foundation and used Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer and a heavy dusting of Bourjois Chocolate bronzer

The gig was so hot and sweaty, so foundation would of literally slid off my face

I used Benefit's Bad gal eye liner, Love this!
It was completely sweat and dance proof
For lips i used Clinique Super balm Moisturising gloss - Pink grapefruit

So that was my little night out
I shall be doing more posts about days when i do something particularly fun or interesting

Thanks for reading!


Mari said...

Ahh I love the Drums!! :) I saw them supporting Florence + The Machine a few months ago.

You're make up looks really nice also.


Ariel said...

You look stunning in that last picture! x

Darling heart said...

Mari - Ahh I love florence! I bet it was amazing! Thanks girly! x

Ariel - Ahh thank you so much hun! x

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