Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cult Item - Eye makeup remover

Hello Dollies!

I am thinking I am going to start a regular series of posts on my blog
Featuring my most loved,iconic products and cult items

These are the products I will always buy again and again and that I think everyone should know about!
Sound good?

So let me start with .... The best eye makeup remover you will ever get your paws on!

Botanics - Soothing Eye makeup remover

This is amazing!

It never ever irritates my sensitive eyes, and is hands down the best and quickest at removing waterproof mascara
So easy and you literally just wipe your eyes a few times with this on cotton wool, no more excuses for not taking eye makeup off!
It contains Icelandic moss to hydrate and calm skin
It is only £2.99 and will last you two months at least!

I think what makes it amazing, is the oil in the product, it is what makes this remover so silky and allows removal of eye makeup with no rubbing!
As you can see it is a separate layer, and once shaken up it blends with the other liquids
Fear not , it does not leave eye lids extremely greasy and I often use it to clear up mistakes as I am doing my makeup

I have nothing bad to say about this at all
Get it now!

What do you girlie's think?
Good idea for a series of posts?
Has anyone tried this, I hope you are all on the positive bandwagon with me!


Sammi said...

Very good idea for blog posts!!
I will definitely have to try this.
Can't wait to see what product is next.

Lisa. said...

Looking forward to next product! xx Good post

missy_ellie_uk said...

Great idea for a series of posts! I just bought this at the weekend after reading a few recommendations - and it's GREAT! No more panda eyes for me! x

holly said...

looking foward to the other products! this looks great (:,X

Darling heart said...

Ahh so glad your girlies like my idear, I will deff be doing loads more!
Thanks for your comments!
x x x

Ansa said...

Can't wait to read more. New follower. xx

Caz said...

I had this for a while and never really used it but now I swear by it! Its so easy to use and lasts forever so is a complete bargain for £2.99!

Laura said...

Hello lovely. This is a mention for you in my latest blog post here:

Check it out.

Laura x x

patukiii said...

I love this product! I have been using it for sooo long! and I always recommend it to my friends!

Sherrie said...

This is on my list also, to try I`ve heard good thing about it. I currently use L`oreals one :) But its a small bottle and doesnt last me long.

Sher x

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