Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Shower in Glamour

Hello Dolls!

It's Darling - Quick post about something so utterly fabulous and frivolous, you simply need it in your life!

I am an avid lover of showers, especially in these cold mornings, a lovely hot steamy shower with some delicious scented soap suds is the most comforting way to start my day
But then of course I am in mortal fear of my hair getting wet and then being a giant frizz ball for the rest of the day - then came the invention of the Shower Cap

If you are like me, then you find ways to glam up even the most everyday things, and this shower cap from Soap and Glory is the most girly one I have come across

It is a pink satin with a water proof lining, and it is all gathered and frilly at the edge and adorned with a chocolate brown bow!
It says "One for Cover", I'm not really sure why, I think it is a pun or something I am not away of haha. But it is still lovely!

I bought it from Boots for only £6.00!
All soap and glory products are 3 for 2 at bots right now as well!
I definitely recommend this, it keeps my locks safe and dry, and it adds that most necessary glamorous and girly start to the day!

Darling Tip - To make your hair moisturising treatment or conditioner even more affective, apply it onto your hair, wrap it in a bun and then pop on your glam cap. The heat from your head will stay trapped and intensify the results of the treatment!


Miss ♥ Nikka said...

That's adorable! I would wear it too!

Lauren said...

Very cute :) xx

Emma said...

i love shower caps but everyone makes fun of me when i wear one boo! perhaps something like this would make them change their mind?

or i could stop wearing it around the house.. -cough-

Victoria India said...

Awh how lush! xo

Darling heart said...

Totally recommend it girls, it perks up my shower and is so practical as well! Xx

BeautybyPaula said...

OOOOOOOOO i feel a trip to boots coommiinnngggggg :) xx <3 xx

dontcallmejessie said...

since no one else has said it yet, the phrase is usually "run for cover" - so there's the pun! :) Not S&G's best work, in terms of puns, though... lol

Holly said...

i might get this :D,xxx

Leanne Marie said...

I have this showercap! My friend got it for me in the summer. Its a great investment girlies! :)



little rambling rose said...

sooo cute i want this shower cap! boots do the cutest things X

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