Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter Essential - Fur head band

Hello Dolls!
I Have a little post, and it's not about makeup!

I am not an avid hat lover, but I have found this seasons most cozy and fabulous hair accessory - The Fur Headband!

I got this headband for around £2.99 in Primark - (I hope they still have them, let me know if they do)

I think it is the perfect way to keep your head warm, stop your hair from blowing in the cold wind & look glamorous and festive, all in one!
You can love that you can still have your hair styled normally and no chance of hat hair!

Darling Tip - Head bands leave you with no trace of dreaded hat hair, in fact I find my hair is uber volumised after wearing one of these, as I wear it so it pushes my hair up and away from the crown! Fix with a little hair spray and you have winter volume, with no heat or teasing!

You can also wear this like an Alice band, with all the hair off your face, but i prefer it this way as it keeps my ears lovely and toasty as well!
I've seen other head bands around, Topshop has some lovely ones with pearls one!

Buy one, it will become your Winter essential!

What do you girlys think, too much like a ski accessory?
Or do you agree with me and think it's utterly fabulous?
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Ulaaa said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I've wanted one for ages and can't seem to find one thats priced under £20! Thank you so much! It looks lovely on you, you're so beautiful xx

Joanna. said...

It suits you muuuuch better than it looked on me, I looked like a munchkin haha x

Darling heart said...

Thanks so much love! You're so welcome girly!Have a look around, they are everywhere, you can definitely find one for under £10 somewhere!
Thanks for such a lovely comment!

Darling heart said...

Joanna - Haha I normally feel so stupid in hats/head bands but I think the fur makes it more glam and less gawky, hope you can find one that suits you! x

Fern said...

Look so warm and lovely! I heart your hair x

Abbie said...

I love your hair! How do you curl it with straighteners or curling iron or..?
That head band is tooo cute xx

Darling heart said...

Thanks girly! Yeah I curl it with a babyliss conical curling wand? I may do a post on how I curl my hair if people would be interested?! Xx

Amina said...

Your makeup looks gorgeous!

makeupbynadia said...

I bought this about six weeks ago but haven't worn it yet as I'm afraid of looking silly, but you really pull it off! Going to root it out and give it a whirl...great post x

Helen said...

I love this hairband/hat band ha! It looks fab on you :) and what a Primark bargain! I may have to invest myself as I love it x

Ofra Cosmetics said...

SOO Cute! Love this post!

Dollface said...

Love this,it looks great with your long hair!

Cintia said...

This headband looks so good. I really want to have a similar one!

Darling heart said...

Thanks so much girls! Hope you can all manage to find one for yourselves! Thanks for leaving me a comment, you know how much I apreciate it! Xxx

Jen W said...

Hey Darling I love your eye makeup in these photos! May I ask what you used?

Marga said...

Love love love the make up!! :D



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