Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sister time & Exciting updates!

Hello Dolls!

So today in my local town, there was a Christmas Market that my sister and I visited!
So appropriate as the current weather in England is uber festive, and there was a faint flurry of snow and blue skies when we were out, it was so magical!
I bought some lovely things that I will blog about tomorrow as part of my festive favourites!

On a side note, I have a few exciting updates for you -
1. I received some products that where kindly sent to me by a mineral makeup company called "First Light" - So far I have been loving them, and I will be blogging about them very soon!
2. I am slowly edging towards the big 500 followers! This is so exciting, and unbelievable! Hopefully I will have reached 500 by Christmas, because I have some big plans for a Celebratory Christmas 500 followers giveaway
So follow me if you aren't already, and keep your eyes peeled for my giveaway!
3. I have been invited to my first ever blogging event - The launch of the new Batiste Dry shampoo, it's next weekend in London! Is anyone else going?
4. I am thinking of tinting my hair red, - I need your advice, yes, no?!

Hope everyone is well
Leave me a comment!
Lots of Love

P.s I am in desperate need of a lovely hot bath tonight

I bought this Hot Butter Fudge bath syrup from Asda today
It smells so delicious & I can't wait to try it!
I will let you know how I get on with it - Could be sickly and like sitting in a tub of golden syrup haha

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Louise said...

You're both gorgeous!
I reviewed First Light Cosmetics a few months a go and use their blush everyday :)

Darling heart said...

Thanks girly!
Ah really, one of the things I recieved was a blush, it's so lovely, I can tell I'm going to wear it all month haha
Thanks for your comment!

Louise said...

Ooh which blush did you get?
The blush I received is in my monthly favourites post I put up today, look forward to your reviews :)

Nicola said...

I have this bubble bath and it is AMAZING! Perfect for this kind of weather :D xx

Katie said...

I want to try that bubble bath, sounds yum!

Yes to red hair! I love it on other people but I don't think I could ever pull it off :)

I'm having a give-away, enter if you like

I'm a new follower and i'm loving your blog :D


Sarah♥ said...

ahh yes do your hair red, i'm thinking of doing mine <3

Sarah said...

i need that bath syrup! i can imagine it smelling delicious!
yum xx

Emma said...

i tried that syrup last week and was a little bit disappointed in the fragrance but you may like it :) was very bubbly at least!

Darling heart said...

Thanks for all your comments loves
The bath syrup was goregous, and not too sickly,deffinitely reccomend it
I've decided I am going to tint my hair tonight, I'll keep you posted with how it turns out!
Thanks for all the support!

Helen said...

Oo your bubble bath looks right up my street - I think I may have to buy some of those for christmas prezzies - looks fab! Aw well done on nearly reaching 500 that's brill! Hope you do by christmas :) The batiste press day sounds awesome! I actually did a post about the new product a few days ago - look forward to hearing how it goes x

NicolaAMT said...

I was at the Christmas fayre/market on Sunday, I was sooooo cold! Made even worse when I went on the ferris wheel, haha. Warmed up nicely in Harriets tea room tho! :)

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